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Law Almanac 2017
David Malcolm Justice Centre
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Federal Circuit Court of Australia

Chief Judge

Chief Judge John Pascoe AC CVO (Sydney)

Judges in Western Australia

Judge Antoni Lucev
Peter Durack Commonwealth Law Courts Building
1 Victoria Avenue
Telephone: (08) 9268 7100


Judge Warren Donald (Parramatta)
Judge Christine Mead (Adelaide)
Judge Michael Baumann (Brisbane)
Judge Norah Hartnett (Melbourne)
Judge John Coker (Townsville)
Judge Rolf Driver (Sydney)
Judge Stewart Brown (Adelaide)
Judge Shenagh Barnes (Sydney)
Judge Michael Jarrett (Brisbane)
Judge Sylvia Emmett (Sydney)
Judge Grant Riethmuller (Melbourne)
Judge Nick Nicholls (Sydney)
Judge Robyn Sexton (Sydney)
Judge Kevin Lapthorn (Brisbane)
Judge Louise Henderson (Sydney)
Judge Kate Hughes (Canberra)
Judge Heather Riley (Melbourne)
Judge Philip Burchardt (Melbourne)
Judge John O'Sullivan (Melbourne)
Judge Robert Cameron (Sydney)
Judge Tom Altobelli (Sydney)
Judge Stephen Coates (Brisbane)
Judge Leanne Spelleken (Brisbane)
Judge Charlotte Kelly (Adelaide)
Judge Janet Terry (Newcastle)
Judge Warwick Neville (Canberra)
Judge Dale Kemp (Sydney)
Judge Paul Howard (Brisbane)
Judge Susan Purdon-Sully (Brisbane)
Judge Margaret Cassidy (Brisbane)
Judge Evelyn Bender (Melbourne)
Judge Anne Demack (Brisbane)
Judge Terry McGuire (Hobart/Launceston)
Judge David Dunkley (Parramatta)
Judge Barbara Baker (Hobart)
Judge Geoffrey Monahan (Sydney)
Judge Peter Cole (Adelaide)
Judge Josephine Willis (Cairns)
Judge Joseph Harman (Parramatta)
Judge Leanne Turner (Brisbane)
Judge Matthew Myers (Newcastle)
Judge Ron Curtain (Melbourne)
Judge Alexandra Harland (Melbourne)
Judge Judith Small (Melbourne)
Judge Suzanne Jones (Melbourne)
Judge Nicholas Manousaridis (Sydney)
Judge Joanne Stewart (Melbourne)
Judge Alexander Street (Sydney)
Judge Salvatore Vasta (Brisbane)
Judge Justin Smith (Sydney)
Judge Ian Newbrun (Parramatta)
Judge Tony Young (Darwin)
Judge Joshua Wilson (Melbourne)
Judge Steven Middleton (Newcastle)
Judge Timothy Heffernan (Adelaide)
Judge Philip Dowdy (Sydney)
Judge Jillian Williams (Melbourne)
Judge Elizabeth Boyle (Sydney)
Judge Alister McNab (Malbourne)
Judge Brana Obradovic (Parramatta)
Judge Amanda Tonkin (Canberra)
Judge Robert Harper (Sydney)
Judge Anthony Kelly (Melbourne) – commencing 6 February 2017


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Email: (family law and child support issues)

Last updated: 30-Jan-2017

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