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Law Almanac 2016
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Certificated Legal Practitioners

The Legal Practice Board of Western Australia Directory of Certificated Legal Practitioners.

As at 3 December 2015. An updated list of certificated practitioners is available on the Legal Practice Board’s website.


A. - Commonwealth Government Departments
B. - Barrister
C. - Consultant
DI. - Legal Practitioner Director
E. - Employee
EP. - Equity Partner
FP. - Fixed Profit Share Partner
I. - In House
L. - Locum
LPP. - Legal Practitioner Partner
NP. - Not Practising
O. - Other
S. - In Sole Practice
SG. - State Government Departments
SP. - Salaried Partner

About this directory

Only practitioners who hold, or are taken to hold a current practising certificate are listed. A total of 6,028 practitioners are listed.

The firm name is given for partners, consultants or employed practitioners. Firm names are not given for sole practitioners unless they are known to practise under a name which is unrelated to their surname.

Will practitioners please advise the Board in writing of any changes relevant to this Directory as they occur.

Please note that the information in relation to Commissioner of Affidavits, has not been supplied by the Board.

Last updated: 21-Jan-2016

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